Injury Hints & Tips

Joint pain

Pain in the joints is often caused by inflammation and is commonly referred to as arthritis. Although arthritis can’t be treated completely there are some ways, you can try to avoid arthritis and alleviate its symptoms.

To stay active, it’s important to be mindful of a few guiding principles including:

Joint Pain


regular exercise helps to strengthen your joints and keep them mobile. Exercise also helps to improve your posture to reduce the chance of injury and pain.

Body weight

when you are overweight an extra load is placed on your back. Combined with good nutrition and fitness, you can help prevent back injury by ensuring you maintain an optimum weight for your height and frame.

Lift with care

maintain a straight back and bend your knees when you lift. Keep the object you are lifting close to your body so that the load is taken by your legs.

Avoid sporting injuries

wear proper safety equipment and exercise with care and consideration of your current level of fitness, age and health.


proper nutrition assists your general health and therefore the health of your joints. There are, however, some specific foods that you can eat to assist with arthritis such as fish. Your doctor can assist you with healthy food choices.

Hot and cold packs

can help reduce the symptoms of joint pain. Use a cold pack to help reduce swelling and inflammation. Use a heat pack to help
improve circulation and flexibility. Always take care not to overdo either.


make sure you drink plenty of water before, during and after exercise to ensure the optimum function of your joints.


Depending on your symptoms there are many options to consider, including oral and topical products, that may assist with relieving your symptoms.
You can do a lot to help avoid pain, but if pain persists, please seek medical attention.