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Injury Hints Tips


Shoulder and neck pain can greatly affect your quality of life. In our sedentary world, we need to be mindful of ways to reduce the incidence to avoid pain.

To stay active it’s important to be mindful of a few guiding principles to avoid shoulder and neck pain including:


After the initial period of rest after an injury, continue to move with gentle stretches to ensure flexibility. Your health professional can advise the best exercises to assist your recovery.


Your posture directly affects the health of your back. Many of us have a sedentary lifestyle which can harm your back. To avoid injury be conscious of your posture at all times particularly when at a computer or driving. Sit upright with your neck and back straight to reduce strain.


Avoid a pillow that is too high and try not to sleep on your stomach.


Depending on your symptoms there are many options to consider, including oral and topical products, that may assist with relieving your symptoms. You can do a lot to help avoid pain, but if pain persists, please seek medical attention.